The River School

The River Approach

Founded in 1999, The River School is proud to provide educational experiences for children and their families by uniting the best practices of early childhood education and oral deaf education, while promoting clinical research and training in child language and literacy.

The River Objectives

  • To foster children's growth in self-esteem, independence, communication, creativity, and problem-solving in a nurturing environment;
  • To maximize early learning for all children in the context of flexible and naturally-occurring interactions with others;
  • To develop communicative competence in each child and to provide intensive, individualized instruction in spoken language;
  • To assist families by providing a supportive network of information, early intervention, and advocacy.
The River School partners with professionals on the local and national level to conduct research, and to provide a resource for professional training, technical assistance, clinical service, and community outreach.

The River School is a model school for best practices in both early childhood and elementary education. Five universities in the region now send their graduate students to The River School for internships and training. Our faculty has been invited as speakers to regional, national, and international conferences. Public schools in the region have begun to integrate the philosophy and practices of The River School into their own programs as a result of our model and have come to The River School to receive training. Regional leaders in early childhood and international visitors have come to observe our programs and learn from our faculty.