The River School

River REACH DATA Clinic

The River School is pleased to announce the opening of our interdisciplinary clinic, River REACH. Since its founding in 1999, the River School has combined the expertise of speech-language pathologists and Master’s level educators to create play-based classrooms for children from infancy through third grade.

Typically developing children learn alongside peers with hearing loss in fully inclusive classrooms. River REACH will further the school’s mission of fostering early childhood development by extending its clinical services to a variety of children with mild to moderate communication, fine motor, and global developmental delays.

Interdisciplinary Assessments

  • cognition
  • communication
  • adaptive skills
  • sensory-motor processing
  • play and social skills
Following the assessment, parents receive a written evaluation report and meet with the team to discuss results and recommendations.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Comprehensive evaluations are offered to assess specific areas of concern. These assessments include:
  • developmental testing
  • psychological evaluations
  • educational and academic achievement testing
  • speech-language evaluations
  • occupational therapy assessments
  • hearing evaluations
  • central auditory processing evaluations
  • reading and literacy assessments

Intervention Services

  • speech and language treatment
  • occupational therapy
  • tutoring for elementary and secondary students
  • reading tutoring
  • aural rehabilitation
  • classroom observations
  • professional training and seminars


Children from infancy to age 8 who would benefit from developmental assessments and intervention.

Elementary and secondary students who would benefit from academic tutoring.


To make an appointment or to receive more information, please contact Meredith Ouellette at 202.337.3554 extension 1017.